Ambon Island

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Moluccas is also referring to the Maluku Islands. It is an archipelago and Moluccas is located on the Halmahera Plate. This mountainous, fertile and well-watered Ambon Island of about 775 square kilometers is part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. Historically, Portuguese landed in Ambon in 1513 after it has been expulsed from Ternate. Most of the Ambonese are Muslims or Christians. Predominanly they speak the language of Ambonese Malay. This destination is for the adventurous type of travelers. Some activities you can do here are snorkeling, diving, visiting the Siwa Lima Museum or checking out the Commonwealth war graves. For beach lovers, the Liang Beach and the other is the Namalatu Beach. If you enjoy cruising, the cruise season is from January to December. Be aware that they are using the 2 round pins European style where electricity gadgets are concern. The time is GMT+ seven hours. To get there, you can check for flights from Jakarta to Ambon via Surabaya. Alternatively you can fly via Makassar. Some of you may prefer to take boats to get there.

The Original Spice Islands

Banda, Ambon, Ternate, Saumlaki and Tidore are the tiny islands in the Moluccas. It is known that Christopher Columbus sailed to the west to discover America and the Portuguese found Banda and Ambon. The spices found used to be regarded like gold in the Medieval Europe. Here, a part of discovery is seeing the centuries-old fortresses. Historically, it has stories about a grueling struggle and harsh colonialism and of course controlled trades. Nieuw Victoria Fort (Benteng Victoria) is one of the highlights. It is an ancient fort built by Sanchos Vanconcelos but was taken over by the Dutch in 1602. The other to see is the 1595 mosque in Batu Merah Village. Batu is stone and Merah is red literally, so it is also the ‘Red stone Village’. The other village is the Tawiri Village where you should see the Australian monument.

Sightseeing and Attractions

World Peace Gong ©Jameslim1973

World Peace Gong

Following are the list of things in Kota Ambon to explore. You might want to see the Tugu Dolan at Kudamati, then see the Tugu Trikora at Urimesing. The national hero from Ambon is Pattimura, so you should also go to Lapangan Merdeka and check out the Pattimura Statue. At Batumeja, you should see in the Catholic missionary the Francisus Xaverius Statue. Finally, do not miss the World Peace Gong or the Gong Perdamaian Dunia.



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