Ambon Bay Festival in Maluku

Ambon Bay Festival ©divequest.comFrom 27th September, it is the Ambon Bay Festival and it lasts for three days. It is held in Maluku where the traditional customs are displayed. Fishing competitions are a tradition. Traditional boat races called Arumbae (war vessels in olden days) Manggurube are also a must in this festival. Besides, there are also Semang Boat races. Women in traditional costumes can be seen manning the Semang boats that has the traditional Maluku outrigger. Following that you can also watch a relay swim race from Martafons point/Ambon Bay to the Galala at the southern Ambon.

Lombok, Central Sulawesi and Papua

Other than the new Lombok International Airport, there are great additions as well as increase in the number of flights to Lombok. This island Lombok is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands now has double the flight daily from Surabaya to Lombok. Sumbawa is also the other popular site next to Lombok. Low cost carriers, LCCs are increasing and new routes are opening up to the eastern part of Indonesia. The hub for flights to Jayapura, Manokwari, Merauke and Sorong (Papua) is Surabaya. You can also choose to fly to Luwu from Jakarta. Luwu is the Central part of Sulawesi. Other convenient route is flying from Jakarta to Sorong, or Jakarta to East Kalimantan (Balikpapan).


Sumbawa ©LauraSumbawa is three times bigger than Lombok. Its religion and culture was spread from India. Historically, their people were known as East Indies and thus they are regarded highly being agriculturally very productive. Horses, honey, sandalwood as used in medications and incense as well as Sappan wood to produce red dye are their local productions. Sumbawa is part of West Nusa Tenggara with Komodo National Park and Lombok being the highlights of the region. As it belongs rather to the Eastern Indonesia, the majority of their people are Muslims rather than Hindu and Buddhist. In case you are going to visit Sumbawa, you might want to note that from April to November is the dry season. During this time there are strong wind thus the valleys looked rather dusty brown. It became lush green only after the rainy season that washes the dust that was blown up turning it into a lush green place once again. To get there, you can take the plane, the ferry that starts from Bali to Lombok, then to Labuhan Lombok and then another ferry to Sumbawa and Poto Tano.



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