3 things to know before visiting Jakarta

Hotel in Jakarta

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Jakarta is a very favorable city in terms of climate. The temperature in the city is often constant throughout the year, the values ​​oscillating between 24 and 32 Celsius degrees. However, humidity is high, especially in winter when it can reach values ​​of 85%.

Regardless of the month when you want to visit  Jakarta, it is recommended to visit North Jakarta, the Ancol Dreamland because there is a continuous party called the “Festival Beach” that lasts during the whole year. Theis is a perfect place to spend a few moments of fun. Let’s see 3 things to know before visiting Jakarta.

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Transport in Jakarta

Even if Jakarta is a city with a population exceeding 20 million, unfortunately it has no subway. Although several projects were launched to the construction of such a transportation, the government kept postponing their start, for various reasons. For this reason, the congestion in Jakarta is one of the largest in the world, there are often diverse traffic jams that last even for a few hours.

However, it is recommended to use the bus as a means of transportation if you can find a place, because it has his own band. Even though often drivers do not acknowledge this and go, even if they are not allowed, on this band, you might have luck and get at least faster to your destination than you would with a taxi.

Transportation in Jakarta

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Accommodation facilities in Jakarta

Jakarta has a lot of accommodation options, from one star hotels to, where one night can cost $10, up to 5-star hotel complexes, where a night costs a few thousand dollars. For $10 a night, you can find clean rooms with air conditioning, but they are often quite far from downtown. In this area of ​​the city, hotels often have prices less than 40-50 dollars a night, but the conditions they offer are in conformity with the price.

Hotel in Jakarta

Hotel in Jakarta @Global Ranger/Flick

Shopping in Jakarta

In the center of the city of Jakarta you will find the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, which is a huge shopping complex. You may even need a few days to be able to visit it entirely. There you will find all you need, from banks to restaurants and accommodation.

Although the poverty level in Jakarta is quite high, especially in the suburbs, in the city are more than 100 shopping malls. The biggest is undoubtedly the Grand Indonesia, but there are other options as well that you could consider including the Plaza Indonesia, the Pacific Place and the Central Park Mall.

The Grand Indonesia Shopping Town in Jakarta

The Grand Indonesia Shopping Town in Jakarta @Marc van der Chijs/Flick


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